Monday, March 20, 2017

Introducing Daniel Kavish, the criminology blogger!

Hello, my name is Daniel Kavish and this is my criminology blog. You can learn more about me at my personal website. This blog will highlight recent criminology and criminal justice research, provide discussion concerning recent noteworthy findings, and provide critical interpretations of statistics and research. Politicians and the media often cite criminal justice research with little regard for context. It is my hope that this blog will help dispel crime myths, promote critical thinking, and hopefully foster a new wave of interest in criminology and criminal justice. 

This blog will specifically feature posts that highlight resources that will help undergraduate and graduate students properly conduct research. This may include, but is not limited to, providing links to data that may benefit young scholars, sharing and critiquing relevant news stories, highlighting recent criminology research published in academic journals, or providing links to other criminology and criminal justice resources such as conference events, professional organizations, victim advocacy groups, and more!

I look forward to the future of this blog and hope that others find it to be a useful and entertaining resource.